My Style: Fall Fashion

Fall is officially among us! The crisp October air hits you in the morning, and the leftover sunshine from September glazes over you in the afternoon. In Toronto, it doesn’t really feel like fall per say, just an earlier version of winter. In lieu of autumn and its never-ending abuse to your wardrobe (Cardigan or sweater? Coat or leather jacket? Ankle or knee-length boots?) I decided to share with you some of my top style essentials for the fall time:

Trench Coat

Trench coats are a classic, elegant touch. They come in wonderful neutrals like beige, caramel, black and white. The length is perfect because in the fall, it tends to get chilly and you’re going to want something with some more coverage. Most come with a belt which helps you define your shape when you’re wearing layers and sweaters underneath.

Trench coats can be pricey, but if you invest in the right one, it can last you a very long time. Look for something in a soft colour, with a belt or buttons to add a little glam. You could also go for a bright hue like red or primrose but I like to stick with neutrals because they blend in with the fall colours and work with any outfit.

Lastly, make sure the cut fits your body type. Some flare out at the bottom, which is great if you have a more fuller figure. If you’re more on the skinny side, I would suggest a normal straight cut that ends at your knees or above it. Pay attention to height as well! If you get something too long, it can make you look shorter than you really are.


Fall is definitely the season of boots. In Canada, I find that realistically you can’t wear  fashionable boots in winter because a) if they are fashion forward, they most likely weren’t made  to help you fight against freezing temperatures and icy sidewalks and b) most fashion friendly boots are not going to look so friendly come spring after snowfalls and ice mush. Hence, the time to wear boots is now ladies!

I think ankle and knee-length boots are must-haves. Ankle booties are great when you just want to wear something casual yet warm. They’re really great for those days when the sun is shining and you just want something to slip in and slip off. Knee-length boots are cool because a lot of them have really cool embellishments like belt buckles and studs. Since they have more fabric than an average shoe, they’re also really good for chilly autumn days when you would much rather be at home under the covers watching a movie or drinking some tea.


I think cardigans are essential for fall and winter. They’re great because in autumn it is too cold to just wear a t-shirt or a tank, and it is too hot to wear a sweater. They’re the final warm touch to a fall outfit. Neutrals and bright colours are great like beige, grey, red or yellow. Remember to make sure one of the colours on your top is the same as the cardigan you’re wearing to make sure they blend well together.

Cardis (as I like to call them) are also great for dresses. In chilly weather, you can still wear a short dress but with tights or stockings. Cardigans keep you warm and can add a bright touch to a black or dark coloured dress. They also come in different lengths. I think it’s best to have one in each length, because different looks require differently sized cardigans. For example, a floral knee-length dress would go well with something short that ends at the waist. You can even button up your cardigan and turn your dress into a skirt!

1) Karen Millen Trench Washed Velvet Trench Coat
3) Forever 21 Cable Knit Cardigan


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