Happy Book Release! – Lauren Conrad Beauty

Lauren Conrad Beauty is the second installment in Lauren Conrad’s how-to series. The first book is Lauren Conrad Style.

I have to say, I love Lauren Conrad. I know some people may have reservations about her because she was on reality TV (The Hills) and what not, but I think she’s amazing. She has shown over the years that she isn’t just another reality star who fades when the curtains have drawn. She has proved that she can stay relevant with a successful fashion line at Kohl’s and becoming a New York Times best-selling author (a title I hope to someday achieve!).

Being in the limelight since her teens, Lauren Conrad has definitely learnt some great tips and tricks on beauty from the industry’s finest. The blonde bombshell, now in her late-twenties, shares tutorials, advice and helpful ideas on how to achieve your fantasy beauty looks and how to take care of your skin and yourself. The glossy book includes pictures and step-by-step articles that will guide you through everything.

I currently own and still refer to Lauren Conrad Style, which has proven its ability to stay relevant over time. This is perfect for anyone who wants to vamp up their look in an easy format. Still apprehensive? Here’s a video on one of the day-to-night tutorials that’s featured in the book.

I’m definitely going to be checking out Lauren Conrad Beauty soon and will review it on the blog!

Picture: LaurenConrad.com


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