The Little Things

This is a new meme, inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere, where every Friday I will post little things that happened during the week that made me smile. A great way to reflect positively on your week!

1) Indigo Rendezvous
So on Tuesday, during lunch I went into Chapters with my coffee and read the new issues of Seventeen and Teen Vogue. They had some great articles! I just really love the atmosphere, music and all around feel of Chapters. It’s so relaxing and for a nerd like me, being surrounded with so many books feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket!

2) Enjoying Work
Right now, I’m working as a full day co-op student at a social enterprise company called SoJo in downtown Toronto. Commuting every day is tough, paired with learning new skills and tasks everyday. But now, a little more than two weeks into the job, I’m feeling more comfortable with the subway and the workplace. I feel so professional! I think my body and I are finally getting used to the new sleeping patterns and environmental settings.

3) Cupcakes + Blog Success!
My Daily Dose Monday post was a small success! It’s the first post I’ve gotten a comment on and I already received some email followers! Thank you guys so much! Also, I bought some scrumptious cupcakes this week. They’re fab.


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