Cupcakes and Cashmere: Book Review

Cupcakes and CashmereCupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman is a lovely lifestyle book, inspired by Emily’s blog of the same name. I initially bought this book on a whim, just casually strolling through Chapters when the cover caught me instantly. I’m a sucker for pretty books!

In the book, Schuman divides it into the four seasons and with each one, she talks about the essential clothing, food, activities and beauty products according to each one. It’s a very well rounded book, covering everything from how to spend a spring day or how to plan the most extravagant Oscar party. This was an interesting way to format the book because most books in this category usually focus on one or two things, like fashion and style or event planning. By covering different ideas and activities, Schuman creates a more broad literary experience.

As for the difficulty of the book, most of her fashion tutorials and recipes are easy to follow, although the recipes I have not tried yet. I like how the book caters to the everyday woman versus other books that use a large, industry-specific vocabulary. It’s truly for any girly girl who loves to have lunch with her girlfriends and dress up (not only on special occasions!)

What I love most about the book is the design. Schuman really crafted a gorgeous book with high quality pictures and a wonderful colour palette of light greens, blues and pinks. The book is also visual friendly, which makes it easier to read and follow.

My only criticism of the book is that some parts were a bit too modern. For example, there is a section on essential beauty products for each season, with specific names of the items. Right now that may be helpful, but ten years from now, there will be new, better products to choose from. I think Schuman should have just kept it neutral and non-specific, just listing the items needed (e.g., hairspray, eye shadow, red lipstick).

Conclusively, Cupcakes and Cashmere is an adorable book for all ages. You can plan a party, try out some new beauty looks and reinvent your space with some excellent home décor ideas. Schuman provides a book filled with rich photography and easy to follow recipes and tutorials. I loved it and look forward to more!


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