My Style: Winter Fashion

Lucy Hale and Ashley Bensen for BongoIn Canada, winter is pretty brutal. It’s hard to be fashion forward when there are large sheets of ice on the ground and dreary gray clouds everywhere. Nonetheless, there are a few essentials I think every fashionista should have in her closet for the holiday season.

1) Tall Boots

In winter, boots are a no-brainer. They’re warm and durable. Unfortunately, they don’t always look their best when they’re wet and beaten up. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to spice them up. When looking for new boots, try getting one with cool buckles or studs. You can even add them yourself! You can also get bright leg warmers and pair them with your boots, making sure your leg warmers are a bit higher than where your boot ends at the top. The combo can make you hot, so only wear it if you’re wearing a skirt or tights on cooler days.

2) Bright Scarves/Gloves

Winter is pretty dull after the New Years. To brighten up your outfit, add a bright scarf! Reds and navy blues are my favourite. You can also apply it to your gloves, or go for the classic leather look. Either way, it’s nice to mix it up and give your outfit a glam factor. Bright tights are also really great! Nothing too bold that will make you look like an elf, but just a little different to have some fun with boring winter outfits.

3) Party Dress

The holidays are all about the parties. Whether it’s a LBD or a bright sequined mini, you’ve got to have a go-to party dress. You can go at it two ways: the first way is what I like to call the classic look: the little black dress. You can dress it down with a cardigan or wear it short with bright heels for a more celebratory event. The second way is what I like to call the showgirl look: bright and sparkly. Christmas is all about lights and brightness, so why not stand out? Golds and reds are really good go-to colours.

Basically, winter is all about trying to balance the basics with hints of brightness. Glitter and bling are also great accessories that will add some flare to a normally boring outfit.

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