How to Actually Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Sorry I’ve haven’t been on for awhile, things got a bit busy and I wasn’t able to update as frequently. Nevertheless, I’m here now!

A new year undoubtedly comes with a new set of goals you have for yourself: a healthier body, higher grades, and other areas of your life you want to improve. These all seem like wonderful and exciting things to venture on, but after the first week or so, you slowly revert back to your old self. We’ve all been through it, and it’s okay, we’re not robots. Although, it’s not impossible either to make your resolutions a concrete presence in your life.

Hence, I’ve concocted some tips and tricks on how to hopefully help you keep your resolutions:

1) Smaller

Keep your resolutions small! We all get swept away by the swift change of our calendars and feel the need to change our life instantly. But in reality, we learn pretty quickly it’s not as easy as it seemed in our head. First, start off with smaller things. For example, if you want a healthier body, try breaking every step into smaller pieces. Instead of starting out by doing hard core workouts at the gym, try doing simple yoga stretches in the morning. Instead of your morning coffee, try drinking some green tea, or at least drinking it a few times a week. Green tea has countless antioxidants and nutrients for your body. By breaking down your big resolutions into smaller ones, it’s a lot easier to accomplish and you can keep working your way up.

2) Fun

Make some fun resolutions as well! We all concentrate on serious, life-altering goals for ourselves, but who said resolutions should be limited to that? Add to your list some of the things you want more in your life, instead of focusing on the things you want to cut out. For example, some of mine are to spend more time with friends, read more books, and to try to just live my life and let whatever happens, happen. You could add other fun things too, such as to do more travelling, learning a new skill, or just treating yourself more often (I do this with sugary treats!)

3) Don’t Worry About It

Much of the reason why people can’t follow through on resolutions is because it doesn’t work out the way they want it to and they get frustrated and give up. You have to realize that it takes time to love yourself and change. Sometimes things don’t work out, and THAT’S OKAY. It’s totally okay to be angry and confused. The trick is to not let it stop you. Adjust yourself accordingly to a pace you’re comfortable with, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. You have the whole year after all!

All in all, just enjoy the ride. Whether you made resolutions or not, remember that you don’t need a new year to be a new you. You can change whenever you like, and how often as you’d like. That’s what life is all about.


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