Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. It’s finally here! Let’s shake off that February chill, the winter blues, and the freezing temperatures. Say aloha to some warm weather!

Obviously, we’ve still got a bit of winter to get through, but who said we can’t start celebrating? Hello to fresh, sunny and longer days. I decided that to truly get into the spirit, we need to let go of the things bringing us down. The anchors that plunge us to the bottoms of our heart aches. Let’s do some spring cleaning!

1. Organize + Clean Environments

Whether it’s your locker, bedroom, balcony or house, somewhere in your surroundings needs a little TLC. Try throwing out anything you don’t need anymore, like old makeup, old clothes, papers you don’t need anymore, and anything else you feel that reminds you of the cold, dark winter. Crank some music, and get your hands dirty! You can even do fun things with your friends, like a clothes swap.

2. Embrace Outside

Soon, they’re will be warmer temperatures and sunlight abound. You’ll be able to walk outside and have your hair not look like a wet squirrel’s! Schedule in some walks, runs, biking and swimming. It will make you feel better, shake off some of your stress and you won’t be freezing have to death.

3. Stock Up!

When you’re throwing out old things, the only awesome, logical thing to do next is to buy some new things! Treat yourself to some new clothes, sunscreen/sun-friendly products, new scents and maybe even some new decor.

Embrace some warmer weather and a warmer you!


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