Cheap, Fun Spring Break Ideas
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Spring break is almost here! With bare legs and sunglasses galore, everyone is either getting ready to leave for somewhere tropical, or wishing they were. For those people, I have prepared a list of cheap, fun things you can do to get outside and not die of boredom and envy of your tropical-bound friends.
1) Workshops

During March/Spring break, a lot of places, like your local library or community centre, offer a variety of fun, free workshops. You can learn about a new photo editing software, make some jewellery or even learn how to belly dance. Use your time off to try and learn something new!

2) Spa Day

School and its stresses can really take a toll on your skin and body. Have a spa day with your friends! All you need are some junk food, movies, glossy magazines and some face masks. Cleanse your skin while bonding and arguing about whoever wore the Valentino better or who gets Channing Tatum.

3) Flea market

Another great destination is your local flea market. Unlike the mall, you aren’t stuffed in a building full of bright, sophisticated and expensive clothes you know you can’t afford. Stop torturing yourself! It might not sound like much, but if you truly scavenge, you can find some really great vintage finds, not to mention you can strike a great deal. Rest assure, there are a lot of ways to modernize vintage clothing. It’s also great if you just want to window shop, eat some greasy food and spend the day out.

4) DIYs (Do It Yourself)

Today, there are so many great tutorials online on how to make your own creations. You can make your own clothes, board games, hair bands, and a million other things. Spend the day crafting some doodles, embellishments and cool knick knacks. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect; it’s just for fun. Here are some of my favourites:

Make Your Own Bow Top
DIY Crayon Art (Part of Lauren Conrad’s Crafty Creations)
DIY Room Decorations


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