How to Book Shop Effectively

Books, books, books. We love them, we hate them, and sometimes a little bit of both. They let us escape for a while, to new places ans sights, and lets us become someone more dazzling, secretive and adventurous.

But is it just me, or is book buying sometimes treacherous? Whether it’s finding the right book, finding too many great books, or not finding anything at all? Well, fear no more! I’ve broken down book shopping and curated the best tips, just for you.

1. Make a List

Always do your research, and this goes for all shopping endeavours. Write down exactly what you want, and what you’re willing to afford. Whenever you see a cool book in a magazine or article, write it down for future reference. Also, check out their reviews! What might look like a great read, may actually be a dud.

2. Be Strong

Do not fall for glitzy displays and glossy pages! Most times we will deviate from what we really want and buy something else, which may appear to be something you might like, but ends up being eventually tossed aside and forgotten. That’s not to say you shouldn’t treat yourself; you utmost should. But if your treat isn’t something you need, then it will just take up more space in your beloved bookshelf.

3. Think Longevity

Try to aim for books that you can use for a good couple of years, for whatever age. For example, if you love Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, you should definitely get yourself a copy! It will be your own, one that will always be ready for looking back at your favourite scenes or quotes, and you can show it to friends or future offspring/grandchildren. Make sure your purchase isn’t just based on a current interest, that you might not care for later on.

4. Why?

It’s an odd question, but it works. Sometimes when buying books, especially non-fiction ones, you’ll want to really narrow it down to what you will use it for. Why do you want/need this book? You can use books for reference, creativity, knowledge, and pleasure, just to name a few. Before buying that book, be confident that you’ll make time to use it effectively.

Now off you go, my fellow book lovers!

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