Fall Style Staples

Fall is the most important fashion season of the year. Other than the obvious perks of fall, like eating anything pumpkin-spiced and enjoying the cooler weather, it’s also the time to free your inner fashionista. With the temperatures hitting that perfect balance of not too hot and not too cold, the style possibilities are endless. Below, I’m sharing some of my favourite style match ups including leather, plaid, and knits!

 1. Knits and PlaidPlaid + KnitsPlaid + Knits by rebecca-mangra featuring pointy toe pumps
Images Courtesy of Emily Schuman

Chunky sweaters are the perfect, cozy transition to the endless sleeveless tops you’ve been wearing all summer. I like to pair mine with prints, such as this adorable tartan skirt. You can even go a little further and add splashes of other fall-approved prints like leopard, but just make sure it’s not too overwhelming.

2. Leather
Sweater Weather
Sweater Weather by rebecca-mangra featuring a pu leather jacket
Images Courtesy of Amy Spencer, of The Little Magpie

Leather is also a fall staple, and while I like using it through a leather jacket, there are tons of other ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. You can do it through leggings, skirts, sleeves and vests! It’s all about being creative. Here, I love adding leather jackets to thin sweater dresses for that cozy, luxe feel.


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