How to Get Through Finals

Courtesy of Pinterest, via
Courtesy of Pinterest, via

While there is hot chocolate to be sipped and cookies to be baked, most university students right now are studying for finals. It can be a stressful time, full of anxiety and worry, especially for a first year like me. But after my first week of studying, I have locked down on a few helpful tips that have helped me, and ones that I’m sure will help you too.

1. Schedule

Scheduling study times is essential. Lay out in an agenda or piece of paper of when your exams are and how you will spend your days in-between. Essentially, it is not about cramming a bunch of stuff into one night, but absorbing chunks of material over a long period. It is also important to schedule free time. Make sure to include breaks! Sometimes I will take an hour off, or even practice the 50/10 method: Study for 50 minutes, and for the next 10, take a break but a kind of break that engages your mind. It can be anything from yoga, reading an excerpt from a book, taking a walk or dancing around your room. This helps because you’re still engaging your mind and senses while still taking a break, opposed to simply watching TV or going on the computer which will tempt you more to slack off.

2. Affirmations

This might not help everyone, but I think it is worth the try. Normally, it is recommended that we use positive affirmations every morning such as “You can do this!” to help you get in the right state of mind for the day, but I like to use it for stressful times as well. You can put positive quotes on sticky notes around your house, or just make a list of your most motivating lines and reiterate them before studying. Use bright markers to make it the process more fun and your notes more enticing. To jumpstart your writing, Seventeen has round up some of their favourite quotes here!

3. Treat YOself

Throughout the exam period, definitely indulge yourself in all of the holidays’ goodness. Specifically, also decide to treat yourself with one specific item, whether it is a new phone or a new lip gloss, after exams. For example, I treated myself to a new book, Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, and it has helped me put in perspective that it’s just a few exams and that after it’s over, I can get back to my usual self and enjoy the things I love. Super excited to read it after I’m finished with finals, and post a review up on the blog!

Feel free to comment or tweet at me (@_thewritegirl) about your favourite study tips, and good luck studying!


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